“I was going through a hard divorce when I decided to adopt a cat. I settled for a maine coon and my friend Florian recommended the breeder he got his cat from. Throughout the process, they were helpful and handled everything so easily. Joshy is my baby and I can’t ask for more.”


“I cannot recommend Mighty Maine coon cattery enough! The whole experience of adopting my Maine coon was incredible. My cat is playful, affectionate, and has quickly become a beloved member of my family. Mighty Maine coon was with me every step of the way and provided me with all the support and advice I needed. I’m so grateful for this wonderful cattery and my amazing kitten”

__Bonnie K.

“I was so impressed with Mighty Maine coon cattery’s breeding program that I adopted not one, but two kittens from them. Their cats are simply stunning and have the most charming personalities. 



“Get a cat or Don’t get a cat, but I assure you, you’d probably get one if you tried these breeders. working with them was a great experience for us. They were helpful and I’ll always recommend them to anyone who wants Maine coons”

__Miranda Rowe

“I got my very own maine coon and recommended them to a friend who got one and still recommended. I got mine through the waiting list. Pick of the litter.”

__King K.

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