Colors and Appearance of Maine Coons

Key takeaways

  • Maine coons have solid colors like Black, white, cream, orange.

  • Maine Coons can display 2 different colors, usually white and another color.

  • Tortoiseshell coons have a blend of 2 or more colors.

Maine Coon cats are known for their magnificent and diverse coat colors, patterns, and combinations. 

This breed offers a stunning array of options, making each Maine Coon a unique work of feline art.

Basic Coat Colors:

Maine Coon cats come in various basic coat colors. These include:

  1. Solid Colors: Maine Coons can be a single solid color, such as black, white, cream, or red (also known as orange or ginger).

    Solid-colored Maine Coons are a testament to simplicity and elegance.

  2. Bi-Colors: Bi-color Maine Coons display two distinct colors, usually in a white and another color combination.

    For instance, you might find a Maine Coon with a white body and black or blue (gray) patches.

  3. Tortoiseshell (Tortie): Tortoiseshell Maine Coons boast a vibrant blend of two or more colors, often including a mix of black, red, cream, and sometimes brown.

    These cats typically have distinct patches or “brindle” patterns.

  4. Calico: Calico Maine Coons are similar to tortoiseshells but also include large white areas.

    They typically feature a combination of white, black, and red or cream patches.

  5. Tabby: Tabby patterns are common in Maine Coons and come in various subtypes:

    • Classic Tabby: Characterized by bold, swirling patterns on the sides, legs, and tail.

    • Mackerel Tabby: Features narrow, vertical stripes running along the body, resembling a fishbone pattern.

    • Spotted Tabby: Displays large, distinct spots rather than stripes.

    • Ticked Tabby: Has a salt-and-pepper appearance due to individual hairs being banded with multiple colors.

Eye Colors

Maine Coon eye colors vary and can complement their coat colors:

  • Green or Gold: Most Maine Coons have green or gold eyes, which are the most common eye colors for the breed.

  • Blue: Some Maine Coons have striking blue eyes, particularly if they have a coat with white markings.

  • Heterochromia: A rare but captivating occurrence in Maine Coons, heterochromia refers to having two different-colored eyes.

We know Maine Coons are strikingly beautiful but what about the personality and temperaments of Maine Coon cats? Is it worth owning one? 

If and when you decide to adopt a Maine Coon cat, learn more about our adoption process.

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